Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“It was the opportunity to help change a life for the...

"It was the opportunity to help change a life for the better that led donor Kristy Hokett to offer her kidney to Thomas House, a former colleague of her father's. "If it is something that I have that I can give to someone that would benefit more than I would, then I'll help them out," said Hokett. Before the advent of kidney chains, her generosity may have come to nothing, as she was not a good match for House. Because of the availability of kidney chains, she was able to donate a kidney to a well-matched donor and ensure that House would in turn receive a kidney from a well-matched donor.
Learn more about kidney chains and transplants by joining us tomorrow at 8pm ET for Grands Rounds with the Medical University of South Carolina (@muschealth). Transplant surgeon Dr. Satish Nadig will be leading the discussion live on Figure 1." By figure1 on Instagram

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