Saturday, January 23, 2016

“Jellyfish Lake, Palau | August 2015 ・・・ The photographer...

"Jellyfish Lake, Palau | August 2015
The photographer @benlowy took a dive while on #nytassignment for a story about Jellyfish Lake, an aptly named body of water found in the Pacific nation of Palau. The lake, a roughly 12-acre body of bath-warm saltwater on an uninhabited islet in Palau's Rock Islands, is not easy to access. But given that this aquatic habitat is considered 1 of the 7 #underwater wonders of the world, it's probably worth the journey. As the @nytimes reporter @ianurbina writes, "the experience was nothing short of surreal." #regram from @nytimestravel" By benlowy on Instagram.

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