Friday, January 29, 2016

“Nearly 30 years ago, Lilly Love lost her way. The day...

"Nearly 30 years ago, Lilly Love lost her way. The day after she completed her 5-year tour of duty in the Alaska-based @uscg, the helicopter she had flown in for the previous 3 years crashed, killing 6 of her former crewmates. It was 15 years before Lilly formally received a diagnosis of severe post-traumatic stress disorder. She credits catching sight of the parrots housed at Serenity Park — a work-therapy program that bonds traumatized veterans with damaged birds — as the reason she's still alive today. "I see the trauma, the mutual trauma that I suffered and that these birds have suffered, and my heart just wants to go out and nurture and feed and take care of them, and doing that helps me deal with my trauma," Lilly told @nytmag. "All without words.'' @jackdavisonphoto photographed Lilly with a #parrot at Serenity Park, which is located on the grounds of the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center." By nytimes on Instagram.

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JC said...

PTSD is the least of "Lilly" Love's problems. He obviously has some serious mental health issues.

Parrot's may be able to help with PTSD, but not with men who think they are women.

Incidentally coast guard search and rescue is not "active service", nor is it an excuse for PTSD.