Tuesday, January 19, 2016

“Once every 4 years, men and women who imagine themselves...

"Once every 4 years, men and women who imagine themselves as the next president of the United States are obliged to make their case to the public. This ritual encounter begins in Iowa, the state we often have in mind when we speak of America's #heartland, and where @nytimestravel writer Robert Draper recently took a road trip. "Some may suggest that there are better times of the year to visit the state than in winter," he writes. "But since my migratory patterns are keyed to the reporting I do during the election cycle, I associate Iowa with steely skies, skeletonized trees, humans bundled up like Michelin men and campaigning like it's 1999." The @nytimes staff photographer @cenicola0 took this photo between Coon Rapids and Templeton, Iowa. Visit the link in our profile to see more of @cenicola0's photos from an #iowaroadtrip." By nytimes on Instagram.

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