Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“"One thing worse than Auschwitz itself would be if...

""One thing worse than Auschwitz itself would be if we forget that a place like this ever existed," Roman Kent, survivor.
This image was made at the Auschwitz Museum, in a room filled with thousands of shoes, the victims of the camp's gas chambers.

The legacy of the Holocaust was my primary motivation for becoming a conflict photographer at the beginning of my career. While I was influenced by the documentation of Rwanda, the Balkans, and Chechnya - events that occurred in my own lifetime - it was the horror of man's ability to attempt the systematic destruction of Jews - of my own family - that pushed me towards photography and documentation.
While my life has certainly changed, as has the Photojournalism industry, and I find myself shooting less conflict, I'm still reminded daily that we have a responsibility to document the good and the bad, to show people what goes on in the violent corners of the world that they would rather forget and deny.
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