Thursday, January 21, 2016

“@salwangeorges photographed lockers near the swimming...

"@salwangeorges photographed lockers near the swimming pool at Charles L. Spain elementary school in the Midtown neighborhood of Detroit. When @nytimes reporter Julie Bosman visited last week, the air in the gym — which has been closed for 2 months — was filled with a stifling, moldy smell. The floors were buckled and partly ripped out, revealing a damp, black substance underneath. Until further notice, gym class is being held in the hallway. And in #Detroit, the Spain school is not alone. Public schools, run down after years of neglect and mismanagement, are failing academically and teetering on the edge of financial collapse. One of the biggest problems is enrollment, which has been in free fall. District officials say that the Detroit public school system could be insolvent by April. Meanwhile, residents wonder how the city will ever recoup its lost population and attract young families if the public schools are in abysmal shape." By nytimes on Instagram.

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