Friday, January 15, 2016

“The fastest marathoner in the United States is retiring....

"The fastest marathoner in the United States is retiring. Ryan Hall, 33, was one of the last remaining hopes for an American front-runner in this summer's @olympics marathon. But right now, he can barely log 12 easy miles a week. Ryan's retirement comes abruptly, 2 decades into an audacious career. So what happened? He trained too hard. Testosterone is vital for optimum athletic performance, but the hormone's levels can drop over time with extreme training — like sprinting 7 miles down a 9,000-foot mountain and then running back up to do it again, one of Ryan's techniques. Now, he told @nytimessports, fatherhood is his priority. In October, Ryan and his wife, Sara — also a professional runner — adopted 4 sisters from Ethiopia. @elizabethdherman photographed the Halls at home in #Redding, California." By nytimes on Instagram.

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