Tuesday, January 26, 2016

““They told me, ‘The government will take away your...

""They told me, 'The government will take away your house.'" Yoni Iriarte, a 26-year-old opposition activist, lives in Ciudad Miranda, about an hour's drive from Caracas, #Venezuela. The housing project, which provides accommodation for some 22,000 people, was built by the former president Hugo Chávez. For years, the opposition has cried foul over his tendency to hand out housing to supporters. But now, the country's disastrous economy is pressuring lawmakers to give away the deeds to hundreds of thousands of homes — and thus, win the loyalties of the nation's poor. Yoni, meanwhile, believes having the title to his house would let him vote freely. "If there is no blackmail of the government revoking my home, then I can vote for whomever I want," he said. Photo by @meridithkohut." By nytimes on Instagram.

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