Wednesday, January 6, 2016

“Three questions about Samantha Bee: How should her new...

"Three questions about Samantha Bee: How should her new weekly @tbsnetwork series, @fullfrontalsamb, distinguish itself from so many other topical comedy programs, including @thedailyshow, where she worked as a correspondent for nearly 12 years? And how should the 46-year-old comedian and actress deal with the fact that her show will be the only late-night satire program currently hosted by a woman? Finally, can she embrace her role as a barrier-breaking performer, even though she is not trying to tailor her show for women? "I loved 'The Daily Show,'" she told @nytimes. "But it is a machine that's already running. And it could run with me — it could run without me. This is a much better experience and a much better fit." @chadbatka photographed #SamanthaBee while on #nytassignment. @fullfrontalsamb debuts on February 8." By nytimes on Instagram.

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