Friday, January 29, 2016

“You’ll find the motto plastered on bumper stickers around...

"You'll find the motto plastered on bumper stickers around the country: "Mad River Glen, Ski It If You Can." At Mad River Glen, snowboarders are banned, snow-making is limited to 10% of the mountain and only half the trails are ever groomed. But what really sets it apart is how little some things have changed since it opened in 1948. The parking lot is dirt, and skiers use a one-person single chair lift. Skier-owned, the cooperative's 1,800 members pay a one-time fee of about $2,000 to join and then must spend at least $200 annually on services or goods at the mountain. Caleb Kenna photographed the prized ski area while on #nytassignment in central #Vermont for @nytimestravel. #⛷" By nytimes on Instagram.

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