Friday, February 19, 2016

“A wind farm in Keadby, England, along the River Trent,...

"A wind farm in Keadby, England, along the River Trent, cranks out enough clean electricity to power as many as 57,000 homes. Monitored remotely, the windmills, 34 turbines each about 400 feet high, require little attention or maintenance and are expected to produce electricity for decades to come. But instead of doubling down, the owner of the wind farm, the British electricity company SSE, is rethinking its energy mix, reconsidering plans for large wind farms and even restarting a mothballed power plant that runs on fossil fuel. These moves reflect the existential debate faced by many major power companies, as they grapple with real-world energy economics and shifts in government policy. Andrew Testa photographed the SSE wind farm while on #nytassignment in England." By nytimes on Instagram.

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