Friday, February 12, 2016

““As a small girl, we didn’t live too far from a railroad...

""As a small girl, we didn't live too far from a railroad spur. And Wendell Willke came into town, and I went out to see him. And I said, "Oh mom, you have to vote for him, he's cute!" And she says, "What did you do? Where did you go?" And I got the third degree. "Don't you ever come into this house talking like that again!" So that's how I got indoctrinated into what's the good party and what's not the good party. And then I married a rabid Democrat. I would say all my kids are Democrats. I like Hillary because I thought she should have got it eight years ago, when I busted my — I mean, when I caucused for her." @nytimes reporters are asking people at #Election2016 campaign events — like Carol Hendricks of Sioux City, Iowa, pictured here — what makes them passionate about politics. Follow the photographer @chadbatka, and visit the link in our profile to see more from this ongoing series. #ofthepeople2016" By nytimes on Instagram.

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