Monday, February 1, 2016

“Dragging logs up and down the hillsides of sweltering...

"Dragging logs up and down the hillsides of sweltering jungles is a tough job. But there's something worse for Myanmar's logging #elephants: unemployment. In a country where the most basic social protections were absent under years of dictatorship, elephant labor laws were largely respected. But now, shrinking forests and a law that prohibits the export of raw timber have saddled the country with an elephant unemployment crisis. For the animals, which experts say have been known to display a sense of purpose in their work, the loss of a job can be demoralizing. "They are getting fat," said U Chit Sein, 64, whose 8 elephants now work only a few days a month. "And all the males want to do is have sex all the time." @adamjdean photographed A Thay Lay riding on his 38-year-old unemployed elephant, Hsar Hlay, and her baby, Mojito. #Myanmar. #🐘" By nytimes on Instagram.

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