Friday, February 19, 2016

“"I got a lot of flack from my co-workers who—believe...

""I got a lot of flack from my co-workers who—believe it or not, even in this museum—were a little skeeved out by this jar of human skin. For me, what this enables me to do is something that is very hard for other medical museum curators to do, which is to talk about a mental condition while having a very didactic physical representation of it that the person can see. You can't bottle depression; you can't bottle schizophrenia and show it in a way that is really evocative. So by having this jar of skin and then talking about dermatillomania, I'm able to educate our visitors about this mental condition in a way that is very powerful." - Mütter Museum curator Anna Dhody, talking to @Vice about new permanent exhibit on skin, Our Finest Clothing. Read the rest of the interview at

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