Wednesday, February 3, 2016

“Mandarin oranges may seem like an unlikely candidate for...

"Mandarin oranges may seem like an unlikely candidate for a marquee fruit. But while orange sales have gone down, the consumption of #mandarins — or you might call them #tangerines — has doubled in the U.S., where the average person now eats 5 pounds a year. Native to China and northeastern India, mandarins are one of 5 types of citrus (along with pummelos, citrons, kumquats and papedas) from which all others (like oranges and grapefruit) are derived. Today, California harvests about 92% of the country's mandarin crop, while Florida, troubled by citrus greening disease and obsolete varieties with seeds, harvests just 8%, down from 66%. @malmeidapix photographed Seedless Kishu mandarins — cute, sweet and easy to peel — growing at Churchill Orchard in California's Ojai Valley. #🍊" By nytimes on Instagram.

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