Friday, February 12, 2016

“Milton Borges González waited all day at a border station...

"Milton Borges González waited all day at a border station in Laredo, Texas, for his wife, Lisbeth Torres, to make it across the border to the United States. Milton, 38, said he was "the happiest man on earth" when Lisbeth, who is 7 months pregnant, emerged with her parole in hand. The couple hadn't seen each other since September, when Milton left Cuba. "I came to work," said Milton, who has been living in Houston "and here they let you work and they pay you if you work. The United States gives us a lot of help because we are Cubans," he continued. "Thank God for that." But the friendly reception of Cubans is a stark contrast to the treatment of Central American families fleeing violence in their home countries. As a result, tensions have been rising in Laredo, a predominantly Mexican-American city. @ilanapl photographed Milton and Lisbeth stopping for food before their drive to Houston." By nytimes on Instagram.

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