Tuesday, February 23, 2016

““One of my biggest issues with the way a lot of...

""One of my biggest issues with the way a lot of entitlements are crafted, what they amount to are generational transfers to existing and future retirees. I think unless there's some truly radical policy changes, I just don't see the financial situation as sustainable. There are just a lot of generational and institutional pressures that are going to keep on keeping on regardless of who is in office. So for me personally, that's why I like some of the more radical proposals for making the United States more competitive internationally. The time for incremental changes probably passed 30 years ago. We can't just keep kicking the can down the road." @nytimes reporters are asking people at #Election2016 campaign events — like Duncan Taylor of Dover, New Hampshire, pictured here — what makes them passionate about politics. Follow the photographer @chadbatka, and visit the link in our profile to see more from this ongoing series. #ofthepeople2016" By nytimes on Instagram.

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