Friday, March 11, 2016

“82-year-old Naoshi Sato, center, a lumberjack, cut trees...

"82-year-old Naoshi Sato, center, a lumberjack, cut trees in the Japanese city of Kesen earlier this week. The photographer @hiroko.masuike happened upon Naoshi and his wife, Teruko, in the weeks after the tsunami ravaged Japan 5 years ago. Their stoicism in the face of adversity — their son, Shoichi, was missing — made a deep impression on @hiroko.masuike, who has documented the family's recovery ever since. Except the Satos didn't recover. When Shoichi's body was found a week after the tsunami, the delicate dynamics that had bound the family together were destroyed. After 56 years of marriage, Naoshi and Teruko are now in the midst of a painful separation. The pace of reconstruction in Japan has been slow, but it can be harder to measure the long-term toll that natural disasters have on family life and relationships. Visit the #lensblog to see more of @hiroko.masuike's photos from Japan." By nytimes on Instagram.

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