Friday, March 25, 2016

“A new breed of diva has appeared on New York’s #opera...

"A new breed of diva has appeared on New York's #opera scene. These stars were raised humbly in Pennsylvania on pop and country-western music, but the limelight has already gotten to them. Not only did they need a whole new dressing room, but it also had to be soundproofed and kept fully stocked with grain and a hay mixture of timothy, orchard grass and red clover. The scene-stealers in question are the 100 sheep that appear in "De Materie," a Dutch avant-garde work being performed at the @parkavearmory. While the #sheep are garnering great reviews — our critic Anthony Tommasini wrote that "their occasional bleating lent a lovely natural touch to the score" — their farm-to-stage odyssey has been anything but straightforward. What next for the #operasheep? "I think after a few days, they'll fall back into the regular old farm routine," said Cassie Schweighofer, their farmer. "That's the beauty about sheep." @robertaltmanphotography captured a recent performance of #DeMaterie at the @parkavearmory. #🐑🐑🐑" By nytimes on Instagram.

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