Wednesday, March 2, 2016

“E.J. Holland, a 23-year-old chef and forager in...

"E.J. Holland, a 23-year-old chef and forager in Australia, has a habit of dashing into the bush, shirtless and barefoot, with a bowie knife in hand. Wild fennel, lemon aspen berries, scurvy weed, a diaphanous herb called "slender celery" — E.J. seems gifted with the ability to spot them all from the corner of his eye while driving. He even detected a vast supply of wild garlic just by catching its scent during a run along the beach. Now, E.J. is working with @nomacph, the Copenhagen restaurant famed for foraging indigenous ingredients and weaving them into a new kind of contemporary cuisine. While the restaurant stages a pop-up in Sydney, through April 2, E.J. is spending hours bounding through the Blue Mountains, along the watercress-patchy hillsides near Bondi Beach, and into quiet suburban neighborhoods to gather wild edibles. @vankangram photographed E.J on his hunt while on #nytassignment in Sydney." By nytimes on Instagram.

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