Wednesday, March 16, 2016

““If there are scholars who hope to study how a vibrant...

""If there are scholars who hope to study how a vibrant food culture can help radically transform an American city, the time to do that is right now, in real time, in the place that gave us Heinz ketchup." For decades, Pittsburgh was hardly seen as a beacon of innovative cuisine or a magnet for the young. No one can pinpoint whether it was the artists or techies or chefs who got the revitalization rolling. But now, @nytfood — and others, including @zagat — say there's no denying that restaurants are playing a starring role in the #Pittsburgh story. The photographer @jeffswensen photographed the roasted broccoli pizza and grass-fed beef carpaccio plate at @dinettepgh, one of the many restaurants @nytfood explored in #Pittsburgh. #🍕" By nytimes on Instagram.

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