Monday, March 7, 2016

“In a country famed for its fine leather products and...

"In a country famed for its fine leather products and fashion sense, shining shoes was never a particularly exalted profession. And it was certainly never a woman's job. But don't tell that to Eleonora Lovo. She's the latest example of how women have moved into the decidedly out-of-fashion trade, and even made it hip. Eleonora, 43, walks around Verona in black men's shoes, a stretchy below-the knee skirt, a white shirt and ample, black oval eyeglasses. From her forearm hangs a leather bag full of attentively polished shoes, which she picks up and returns to clients herself. "I am a gentleman woman," Ms. Lovo said, smiling. "I can't see well-dressed men walking in dirty shoes. That's simply why I started polishing shoes." The photographer Alessandro Grassani photographed Eleonora while on #nytassignment in Verona." By nytimes on Instagram.

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