Thursday, March 24, 2016

“Jeff Gatrel and his wife, Jennifer, run a midsize family...

"Jeff Gatrel and his wife, Jennifer, run a midsize family cattle operation at their farm in northern Missouri, where @photo_smith took this picture. Up and down the center of the country, winds rip across plains, ridges and plateaus, a belt of unharnessed energy capable of powering millions of customers. But the Gatrels are part of a group of landowners who are opposed to a plan to build high-voltage transmission lines across or near their property that would move power produced from wind to the East Coast. They say the lines would trample their property rights, obliterate their pastoral views and disrupt their way of life. But they make another argument: Why should they have to live beneath the lines when there's plenty of wind in the East? The question puts them in the middle of an emerging battle over how the nation should shift to renewable energy and meet ambitious targets in carbon reduction. Just as it's healthier and more sustainable to eat foods close to where they're grown, the argument goes, too, that electricity should be consumed closer to where it is produced." By nytimes on Instagram.

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