Saturday, March 5, 2016

“Mikhail Baryshnikov — dancer, choreographer and actor —...

"Mikhail Baryshnikov — dancer, choreographer and actor — has made increasingly frequent forays into theater. Last year, he teamed with the Latvian director Alvis Hermanis, director of New Riga Theater, for "Brodsky/Baryshnikov," a one-man show that opened in Riga in October and comes to the Baryshnikov Arts Center in Manhattan next week. It's not really a play, or a poetry recital, but something in between. "I don't really dance in the show, but I move quite a bit," Baryshnikov said. The show is not made up of choreography, he said, "but reaction, emotion, like a body language or electricity running through the body." @geordiewood photographed #MikhailBaryshnikov while on #nytassignment." By nytimes on Instagram.

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