Thursday, March 31, 2016

“On a tiny, uninhabited island in the #Bahamas, about a...

"On a tiny, uninhabited island in the #Bahamas, about a dozen pigs live and swim freely in the clear blue water, watched over by tourists hoping to play with pigs in the sand. The pigs decide what their relationship with tourists will be, but expect to be fed by their visitors, and have been known to sit for food or whatever's in a bottle — even beer. There are different stories on how the pigs got to #BigMajorCay. Some say they swam to the island after a shipwreck; others say sailors left them there, planning to come back and eat them. The photographer @robin_schwartz, who has photographed animals for 30 years, traveled to her dream destination to photograph the pigs for @nytmag. She said that pig-watching came second to people-watching. "People want this semiwild, unpredictable pig experience and can become unbelievably and uproariously happy," she said, "despite the fact that they probably ate bacon and eggs for breakfast." #🐷🏖" By nytimes on Instagram.

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