Tuesday, March 22, 2016

“Raymond Goynes spent a few final moments with Sonja, an...

"Raymond Goynes spent a few final moments with Sonja, an 11-year-old wheaten terrier, at Mary Kilty's apartment in Hell's Kitchen earlier this month. In 2005, when Raymond first met Sonja, he was living in a refrigerator box in the entranceway of a building down the block, in the West 50s. He'd been homeless since the 1970s, and spent years freebasing cocaine. But he had gotten clean in 2000. When he offered to walk Sonja, Mary eventually said yes. "It helped me get myself together," said Raymond, 67. "It keeps you from messing around, doing other things bad. 'I got a dog-walking job, I've got to maintain.'" But last spring, Sonja fell ill with inoperable cancer. Her decline was slow until about a month ago. The @nytimes staff photographer @bengivlle captured the old dog's final moments at home with Mary and Raymond." By nytimes on Instagram.

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