Wednesday, March 23, 2016

“Right from the start — when Honolulu officials began...

"Right from the start — when Honolulu officials began talking about building a 20-mile elevated train line near the southern coast of Oahu — there were concerns. How much would it cost? What would it do to the character of a state that has long celebrated its natural beauty and isolation? But 8 years after voters in #Hawaii approved a referendum clearing the way for construction of the rail line, many of the concerns voiced during the 40-year debate over the project have turned out to have merit. The train, which will take passengers from this city in western Oahu to the edge of Waikiki, is at least 2 years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. Meanwhile, the project is a discomfiting reminder of how at least 1 part of this once-tranquil island is changing. The photographer @kentnish captured this embossed column that tells the story of one community found along the 20-mile elevated rail line." By nytimes on Instagram.

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