Friday, March 18, 2016

““Since the new year, a lot changed, people and their...

""Since the new year, a lot changed, people and their opinions changed. There is no day without the word 'refugee.' People see the problems but can't see potential. People see the danger but can't see the danger in not helping and ignoring. People are afraid, but the question is, afraid about what? There is no general answer to this. People are asking themselves, 'Is Germany strong enough?' My answer is yes." As Germany takes the lead in trying to stem a chaotic flow of migrants to Europe, it's also grappling with a challenge at home: how to integrate some of the million migrants who arrived on the continent last year. To get a better sense of the political temperature, @nytimes interviewed longtime residents and recent arrivals about what it's like living in a nation reshaped by #migration. Melanie Jarren, 21, from Hamburg, who's pictured here, was among those photographed by @gordonwelters. To see more, visit the link in our profile." By nytimes on Instagram.

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