Wednesday, April 20, 2016

50 years ago when it was still common for bars to refuse...

"50 years ago, when it was still common for bars to refuse service to gay people, 3 young men went for a drink in Manhattan's West Village, hoping to make history. They called their action a "Sip In," a tipsy tip of the hat to the civil rights lunch-counter sit-ins then being held at establishments that segregated black patrons. The Sip In was a pivotal moment in the gay rights movement, predating the Stonewall riots by more than 3 years. This history will be invoked tomorrow when a key site — Julius', a bar in the West Village where a bartender refused to serve the men after they announced they were gay — marks the golden anniversary of the Sip In. Karsten Moran photographed Dick Leitsch, 81, and Randy Wicker, 78 — 2 participants in the April 21, 1966 Sip-In — at Julius' earlier this week." By nytimes on Instagram.

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