Tuesday, April 19, 2016

“9-year-old Angiolina Cima-Turzio took a break as...

"9-year-old Angiolina Cima-Turzio took a break as @berniesanders spoke at a campaign rally in @prospect_park, in Brooklyn, on Sunday. Over the past couple of days, the candidates have fanned out across New York State in preparation for today's primary. The Democratic and Republican front-runners — @hillaryclinton and @realdonaldtrump — appear securely in the lead in New York. But there's real suspense on both sides, as their challengers seek to emerge from the state with a face-saving prize: a cache of delegates or at least a symbolic victory that would vindicate the resources they plowed into such a big, expensive and politically dangerous state. The @nytimes staff photographer @damonwinter took this photo. Visit the link in our profile for live updates on today's primary." By nytimes on Instagram.

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