Monday, April 4, 2016

“A 33-year-old #hockey player named John Scott (@jhs_32)...

"A 33-year-old #hockey player named John Scott (@jhs_32) was voted to play in this year's @nhl All-Star Game by subversive fans as a runaway joke. Over 8 @nhl seasons, @jhs_32 has scored 5 goals in 285 games with 6 teams. He's rarely played more than a few minutes a night. In other words, he's not a top player. League officials begged him to decline the All-Star invitation. When he said he wanted to play, he was traded to the @canadiensmtl and immediately banished to their minor league affiliate, the @stjohnsicecaps, in #Newfoundland. Near and far, the move was considered a conspiracy to keep him out of the game. When the @nhl ultimately let @jhs_32 play, he won MVP. But it seemed possible that the All-Star Game would his final @nhl game. Then, early on Sunday, he learned that he'd been called back up to the @canadiensmtl. For now, at least, he's saying goodbye to St. John's, where @samuelhodgson photographed him before a @stjohnsicecaps game on Saturday." By nytimes on Instagram.

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