Monday, April 11, 2016

“A new industry is emerging in California: legalized,...

"A new industry is emerging in California: legalized, large-scale marijuana farming. Under a new state law, marijuana businesses will be allowed to turn a profit and limits on the number of plants farmers can grow will be eliminated. With voters expected to approve recreational marijuana use in November, California gleams with the promise of profits. Some Californians are anxious that corporate money will squeeze out the small-time growers. But in Adelanto, a rough-edged community northeast of L.A. where unemployment remains above 10%, legalized farming could mean jobs. Adelanto's mayor envisions a row of high-tech grow houses where there is now only desert. Growers might need to build solar plants to support all the energy it would take to produce more than 100 tons of marijuana each year, he said. The photographer @maxwhittaker visited Adelanto while on assignment for @nytimes." By nytimes on Instagram.

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