Thursday, April 14, 2016

“After a 28-year wait, the @pepsi sign in Long Island City...

"After a 28-year wait, the @pepsi sign in Long Island City — a dazzling swirl of red curlicue letters that evokes memories of innocent days of summer, heavy industry in Queens and a spectacular disregard for the waterfront in the mid-20th century — now has official New York City landmark status. The sign, photographed here by @benjaminnorman, has been under consideration by the Landmarks Preservation Commission since 1988. At that time, it stood atop @pepsi's enormous bottling plant on the East River, where it'd been since 1940. After suffering heavy damage in a winter storm, it was reconstructed in 1993. When @pepsi closed the plant 6 years later, the company sold all but a 60-by-200-foot parcel of its 21-acre property. That small piece of land accommodated the relocated sign, which @pepsi was canny enough to recognize as a marketing opportunity." By nytimes on Instagram.

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