Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“As refugees stream into Europe and terror attacks spark...

"As refugees stream into Europe and terror attacks spark security fears, one Bavarian village is grappling with newcomers — and with the question of what it means to be German. The photographer Harf Zimmermann took this photo of Eisenärzt, a Bavarian village of 1,300 that has been housing asylum seekers since September 2014. At first, 200 people came to stay, temporarily. Locals weren't happy, but most people recognized the need to help: "Humanity stood in the foreground," said the region's mayor, Thomas Kamm. Then, last June, he let the villagers know that more asylum seekers were on their way. Many locals weren't pleased with this development. As the crisis continues, Germany is facing the greatest test yet of its willingness to transform itself into a multiethnic nation. Visit the link in our profile to read James Angelos's @nytmag story about Eisenärzt." By nytimes on Instagram.

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