Friday, April 15, 2016

“At 100, Carmen Herrera still makes art every day. “I’ve...

"At 100, Carmen Herrera still makes art every day. "I've painted all my life," she said, nodding her head firmly to make the point. "It makes me feel good." The artist, born in Cuba in 1915, sold her first piece 81 years ago, and her career's still thriving. Carmen has a show opening May 3 at @lisson_gallery in New York and, in the fall, a solo exhibition at @whitneymuseum. The @lisson_gallery show features recent work filled with her signature bold simplicity: sharply delineated blocks of color often energized by a strong diagonal line. These days, Carmen's days begin simply: "When I wake up, all I am thinking about is breakfast," she said. After her meal, she sketches in pencil on graph paper by her window, flanked by her potted orchids. Then she transfers the idea to a small piece of vellum, and does the sketch in color. She relies on a team of people for help, especially when the painting process starts. @heislerphoto photographed #CarmenHerrera working in her home and studio on East 19th Street in Manhattan." By nytimes on Instagram.

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