Sunday, April 17, 2016

““Au Studio Sani Mopti.” The Malian photographer Malick...

""Au Studio Sani Mopti." The Malian photographer Malick Sidibé started taking pictures with a Brownie camera at weddings and christenings in the 1950s, but soon branched out into a more ambitious form of social reporting. He attended Saturday night parties at which young Malians, dressed to the nines, danced the twist, the rumba and the merengue to the Beatles, James Brown and Afro-Caribbean music. This was Mali's youthquake, and Malick was its photographic witness. "He really changed the way Westerners look at Africa," said @jackshainman, who is featuring an exhibition of #MalickSidibé's work at his Manhattan gallery through April 23. "He captured the newfound freedom after colonialism — that time, and that moment." This #nytweekender, we're sharing more photographs by Malick Sidibé, who died this week at 80. #lensblog" By nytimes on Instagram.

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