Monday, April 4, 2016

“Capuchin monkeys can turn pages, scratch itches and turn...

"Capuchin monkeys can turn pages, scratch itches and turn the lights on and off. "They are often thought to be one of the smartest species of monkeys," said Alison Payne, the director of training for Helping Hands, a nonprofit group in Boston that trains capuchins to help people with limited physical mobility. The photographer @kayanaszymczak took this portrait of Alison with Daisy, one of the #monkeys currently training. Right now, 35 capuchins are living with people in need across the United States. Most of them spent about 5 years in training before they were matched with a human. "Each capuchin has a different personality and individual preferences," Alison told a @nytimes reporter for a column about jobs. "We spend a lot of time making the right match of their personality with that of the human." #🐒" By nytimes on Instagram.

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