Monday, April 4, 2016

“Caroline Cruz looked out from behind a curtain before...

"Caroline Cruz looked out from behind a curtain before taking the stage with her father at a hotel in Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday. This weekend, the highest-energy volunteers on the @cruzforpresident campaign appeared to be the senator's daughters, who held a competition: Who could greet the most voters? "Hi, my name is Caroline. Thanks for supporting my dad," Caroline told strangers on a loop. "I'll be 8 in 12 days." Her father is on the campaign trail in #Wisconsin again today, along with @berniesanders and @realdonaldtrump, who has wanted a rematch with #TedCruz since losing to him in Iowa. In Wisconsin — which votes tomorrow — @realdonaldtrump is getting something like it. And it's not going so well. #regram from photographer @hlswift, who's on #nytassignment covering the Cruz campaign." By nytimes on Instagram.

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