Saturday, April 30, 2016

“Every 67 seconds, with monotonous cruelty, Alzheimer’s...

"Every 67 seconds, with monotonous cruelty, Alzheimer's takes up residence in another American. Degenerative and incurable, the disease moves in worsening stages to its ungraspable end. That is the familiar face of #Alzheimers, the withered person with the scrambled mind marooned in a nursing home, memories sealed away, aspirations for the future discontinued. But there is also the beginning, the waiting period. That was Geri Taylor. Waiting. "The beginning is like purgatory," Geri, 72, told the @nytimes reporter N.R. Kleinfield. "It's kind of a grace period. You're waiting for something. Something you don't want to come. It's like a before-hell purgatory." Visit the link in our profile to read "Fraying at the Edges" — a special section that tells how Geri found her way through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease — and to see more photos by the photographer @mikirbysmith. #nytweekender" By nytimes on Instagram.

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