Monday, April 11, 2016

“Fragrance marketing is more often the domain of...

"Fragrance marketing is more often the domain of celebrities like @katyperry (who has a handful) or @parishilton (who has more than a dozen). That's why @therealgracecoddington, longtime creative director of @voguemagazine, professed to be shy about selling herself in scents. "My immediate thought was something like, 'But I'm not J. Lo, so how's it going to work?'" the 74-year-old fashion icon said. "I'm not really a celebrity person, but just by chance, my name is known a little bit, which I keep trying to deny, but it is. Then I think, well, if it is, maybe I'll cash in." Her first perfume, Grace by Grace Coddington smells primarily of roses — a scent she associates with childhood — and is sold in a long flaçon topped with a stopper modeled on the head of a cat. @cgbp took this photo of @therealgracecoddington's signature coppery frizz while on assignment for @nytimesfashion." By nytimes on Instagram.

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