Friday, April 15, 2016

“From high atop the oceanside cliffs, the shimmering...

"From high atop the oceanside cliffs, the shimmering blue-green water of Lunada Bay appears to be a surfer's dream. But to make it into the water, surfers risk confrontation with the Bay Boys, a band of residents who have long been accused of zealously — and sometimes violently — claiming the epic waves in Palos Verdes as their exclusive territory. The alleged members hail from one of the most exclusive communities in Southern California; many of them are middle-aged; and some live in multimillion-dollar homes close to the coastline. Last month, though, the Coastal Protection Rangers and 2 surfers filed a class-action lawsuit that seeks to bar the Bay Boys from congregating at Lunada Bay — similar to the way injunctions have been used against members of criminal street gangs. "They've taken a public asset, the ocean, and stolen it through violence and intimidation," Vic Otten, one of the lawyers for those bringing the lawsuit, said. "In California, the ocean belongs to the public, not to a bunch of trust-fund babies." @malmeidapix took this photo of the point at Lunada Bay while on assignment in California. #🏄" By nytimes on Instagram.

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