Saturday, April 16, 2016

“Imagine visiting Napa Valley — but with weed instead of...

"Imagine visiting Napa Valley — but with weed instead of wine. In the 2 years since Colorado first permitted the sale of marijuana to recreational users, an intricate economy has rapidly sprung up. Dope-smoking ski buffs can ride to the slopes in weed-friendly charter SUVs. Potheads arriving by plane can schedule pickups from the airport through dedicated livery services like THC Limo. There are stoner painting classes, stoner mountain treks and stoner chefs who will cook you a 4-course marijuana dinner. Visitors can even use mobile apps like @leafly and @weedmaps to track down nearby vendors or book their bud-and-breakfasts through websites like @travelTHC. The tourist infrastructure that's emerged as a result of Colorado's "green rush" operates on a fairly simple principle: Everything is better when you're high. @ryan_d.brown photographed Tariq Williams, 40, getting lost in a plume of smoke while on @my_420_tours's "Budz and Sudz" tour in late March." By nytimes on Instagram.

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