Tuesday, April 5, 2016

“In recent months, so many decrepit Soviet-era cars...

"In recent months, so many decrepit Soviet-era cars carried migrants into Europe from Kandalaksha, Russia, that border officials in Finland — who confiscate the rust-bucket vehicles as soon as they cross — watched in dismay as their parking lot turned into a scrapyard. Then last month, as suddenly and as mysteriously as it had started, the parade of migrants in cheap and decrepit cars came to an abrupt halt, or at least a pause. It was all part of the strange and ever-shifting Arctic route through Russia, which began last summer with more than 5,000 migrants on bicycles suddenly rolling across Russia's previous tightly controlled northern border into Norway. In the West, there's a growing suspicion that Russia is stoking and exploiting Europe's migrant crisis to extract concessions, or perhaps crack the European unity over economic sanctions imposed against Moscow for its actions in Ukraine. Photo by @sergeyponomarev." By nytimes on Instagram.

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