Friday, April 1, 2016

“Inside an abandoned house with 7 floors and 70 rooms near...

"Inside an abandoned house with 7 floors and 70 rooms near the Arc de Triomphe, hundreds of revelers gathered on a Friday night in January wearing floor-length gowns, curly white wigs and feathered masks. What began as word-of-mouth soirées have evolved into seasonal theme parties that combine the mystique of "Eyes Wide Shut," the energy of all-night raves and the theatrics of @sleepnomorenyc. For 5 years, a renegade group known as @agence_wato has been hosting these semi-secret parties in elusive sites throughout #Paris, including the catacombs, empty railway tracks and abandoned chateaus. Revelers at the masquerade ball @kostyukov photographed while on #nytassignment came from as far away as Australia to dress like Venetian noblesse, sip Champagne and dance like Casanova." By nytimes on Instagram.

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