Thursday, April 7, 2016

“Most people know Chris @hardwick as the host of...

"Most people know Chris @hardwick as the host of @amctalkingdead. But on a recent Tuesday, the stand-up comedian, podcast pioneer and digital media entrepreneur was devoting a 16-hour stint to the geekier outposts of his empire. That included @atmidnightcc, the @comedycentral game show in which he and guest comedians riff on Internet culture; @nerdist, his weekly podcast with @reggiewatts; and a stand-up comedy workshop he hosts in the back of a Hollywood comics store. @hardwick, 44, embraced his obsessions with zombies, superheroes, video games and tech after his post-@mtv career sputtered. Since then, he's become the model of an entertainment brand for a multiscreen generation. @hardwick's fans know a real nerd when they see one. And for now, he fits the bill: @hardwick was one of those chess club kids who actually got stuffed in a garbage can. During a recent rehearsal, he splayed his fingers over his closed eyes and reeled off, rapid fire, pi to more than 100 places. A @nytimes reporter spent a week following @hardwick. Visit the link in our profile to read more and to see more photos by @jokemichaels." By nytimes on Instagram.

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