Friday, April 15, 2016

““Next to the street clamor, the Ganges was deeply quiet,...

""Next to the street clamor, the Ganges was deeply quiet, the swish of oars a ghostly whisper on the meandering river. More boats pushed out, some with tourists, others with Indians, saris gathering color as the sun edged up from the East. From one boat, then another, rose hypnotic Hindu songs." The @nytimestravel writer Roy Hoffman visited Varanasi, which sprawls on the banks of the Ganges River in the state of Uttar Pradesh, about an hour's flight from New Delhi. A maze of narrow and winding lanes, it is considered India's holiest city. To see more photos, follow @poraschaudhary — who took this picture of boats in the Ganges early one morning — and @nytimestravel. #regram" By nytimes on Instagram.

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