Monday, April 18, 2016

“The first time Noor ul-Haq died, his Afghan Army outpost...

"The first time Noor ul-Haq died, his Afghan Army outpost was completely cut off by the Taliban. His wife and their 10 children buried the body that was shipped home by the government. No one knows whom they put in that grave, but it wasn't the man they knew as husband and father. Noor ul-Haq and another member of his unit were among a very few soldiers who were taken prisoner by the Taliban last August and eventually freed by the Afghan Special Forces. Their families went through the trauma of the death notification, the sadness of burying bodies too damaged to be identifiable, then the sudden high of hearing their men had somehow lived. Then came another blow: The government wanted the compensation money back. Noor ul-Haq's family spent much of a $2,300 government payout — roughly a year's salary for a soldier — on a painful cycle of wakes and celebrations. @adamfergusonphoto photographed 9 of Noor ul-Haq's 10 children at home in Nangarhar Province, #Afghanistan." By nytimes on Instagram.

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