Saturday, April 30, 2016

“The #scorpions that scurry around Scottsdale, Arizona...

"The #scorpions that scurry around Scottsdale, Arizona emerged from their winter slumber early this year. Usually dormant until late March, the creatures came out as temperatures soared in February, making a month that is generally pretty pleasant the second-warmest on record. Residents have been finding scorpions in their beds, in their showers, on walls inside and outside their homes and all over their yards. @caitlin_oh photographed this giant desert hairy #scorpion glowing under a #blacklight while on assignment in Scottsdale this month. The glow comes from a substance found inside a hard-and-thin coating on the scorpion's exoskeleton. Scientists are not sure what purpose it serves. Some say it is to confuse prey; others believe it's to protect scorpions from sunlight." By nytimes on Instagram.

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