Wednesday, April 27, 2016

“These images from 1911 depict Aedes Aegypti, AKA Yellow...

"These images from 1911 depict Aedes Aegypti, AKA Yellow Fever Mosquito. In 1793 a yellow fever epidemic literally decimated the population of Philadelphia; 5k deaths were recorded of the city's 50k population at the time. These same mosquitoes are also known carriers of the Zika virus. There is currently a major outbreak of Zika in the Americas and the CDC has issued guidance and warnings for travel to affected areas. How much of a risk is Zika to the US…really? How did it become so widespread? And is there a Zika vaccine on the horizon? To answer these questions and more, we are hosting a free public event with two experts in the fields of viral diseases and vaccines, Dr. Scott Weaver and Dr. Paul Offit. For more details click the link in the profile or visit

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