Thursday, April 21, 2016

This part more than any and this play more than any...

""This part more than any and this play more than any, it's a real step off into the abyss," said the actress Jessica Lange." We realized from the beginning that nobody could hold back." In a new production of "Long Day's Journey Into Night," written by Eugene O'Neill in the 1940s, Jessica plays the mother, a former convent girl now struggling with morphine addiction. The play — written with the stipulation (long since disregarded) that it should never be performed — is a singeing union of fiction and autobiography, recording a single bourbon-soaked day in the Connecticut summer house of an Irish-American clan closely based on O'Neill's own family. @nytimes photographer @damonwinter took this #portrait of Jessica with the cast, from left, @jgjunior, Michael Shannon and Gabriel Byrne. In street clothes and under ordinary lighting, the "Long Day's" performers may not look like much of a family, but onstage they achieve the rhythms of people who have lived close together, happily and unhappily." By nytimes on Instagram.

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